Trait std::borrow::BorrowMut

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pub trait BorrowMut<Borrowed>: Borrow<Borrowed> where
    Borrowed: ?Sized
{ fn borrow_mut(&mut self) -> &mut Borrowed; }
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A trait for mutably borrowing data.

As a companion to Borrow<T> this trait allows a type to borrow as an underlying type by providing a mutable reference. See Borrow<T> for more information on borrowing as another type.

Required Methods

Mutably borrows from an owned value.

use std::borrow::BorrowMut;

fn check<T: BorrowMut<[i32]>>(mut v: T) {
    assert_eq!(&mut [1, 2, 3], v.borrow_mut());

let v = vec![1, 2, 3];