Module std::panic

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Panic support in the standard library.


A simple wrapper around a type to assert that it is unwind safe.

A struct containing information about the location of a panic.

A struct providing information about a panic.



The configuration for whether and how the default panic hook will capture and display the backtrace.


A marker trait representing types where a shared reference is considered unwind safe.

A marker trait which represents “panic safe” types in Rust.



Make all future panics abort directly without running the panic hook or unwinding.

Checks whether the standard library’s panic hook will capture and print a backtrace.

Configure whether the default panic hook will capture and display a backtrace.


Atomic combination of take_hook and set_hook. Use this to replace the panic handler with a new panic handler that does something and then executes the old handler.

Invokes a closure, capturing the cause of an unwinding panic if one occurs.

Panic the current thread with the given message as the panic payload.

Triggers a panic without invoking the panic hook.

Registers a custom panic hook, replacing any that was previously registered.

Unregisters the current panic hook, returning it.