Module std::fs

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Filesystem manipulation operations.

This module contains basic methods to manipulate the contents of the local filesystem. All methods in this module represent cross-platform filesystem operations. Extra platform-specific functionality can be found in the extension traits of std::os::$platform.


A builder used to create directories in various manners.

Entries returned by the ReadDir iterator.

A reference to an open file on the filesystem.

A structure representing a type of file with accessors for each file type. It is returned by Metadata::file_type method.

Metadata information about a file.

Options and flags which can be used to configure how a file is opened.

Representation of the various permissions on a file.

Iterator over the entries in a directory.



Returns Ok(true) if the path points at an existing entity.

Returns the canonical, absolute form of a path with all intermediate components normalized and symbolic links resolved.

Copies the contents of one file to another. This function will also copy the permission bits of the original file to the destination file.

Creates a new, empty directory at the provided path

Recursively create a directory and all of its parent components if they are missing.

Creates a new hard link on the filesystem.

Given a path, query the file system to get information about a file, directory, etc.

Read the entire contents of a file into a bytes vector.

Returns an iterator over the entries within a directory.

Reads a symbolic link, returning the file that the link points to.

Read the entire contents of a file into a string.

Removes an empty directory.

Removes a directory at this path, after removing all its contents. Use carefully!

Removes a file from the filesystem.

Rename a file or directory to a new name, replacing the original file if to already exists.

Changes the permissions found on a file or a directory.


Creates a new symbolic link on the filesystem.

Query the metadata about a file without following symlinks.

Write a slice as the entire contents of a file.